most popular dog in america

This Is the Most Popular Dog Breed in America

By a long shot
most popular dog in america

Dogs are great. All of them. But, statistically speaking, Americans prefer one breed over the rest. Is it the piggly wiggly French bulldog? The teensy toy-sized Maltese? The royal, albeit stubby Pembroke Welsh corgi? Nope. It’s the labrador retriever.

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The labrador retriever is a friendly, active and outgoing breed. Males typically grow up to 24.5 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 65 to 80 pounds. It’s no great surprise that this special pup is America’s favorite. Labs have kind eyes, an incredibly friendly nature, an easygoing personality and all the affection in the world. There’s nothing left to be desired.

How do we know this? We spoke to the folks over at the American Kennel Club. The 135-year-old organization is the country’s leading authority on all things dog, and the world’s largest and oldest non-profit all-breed registry. It currently recognizes 193 breeds and counting, not including mixed or “designer breeds” like the cockapoo, labradoodle or puggle. AKC-registered dogs are purebred only.

The crazy thing is, 45 out of the 50 states prefer the labrador retriever over any other dog. The other five prefer German shepherds, French bulldogs and beagles. Which pooch does your municipality rep? This is the most popular dog breed in your state.