Levi’s Commuter Workspace: Bringing the Cycling Community Together

The pop up workspace that offers more than just free tune-ups

Catarina Cowden

Ever since Levi’s launched its bike commuter line three years ago, they have been working to promote their product, as well as cycling in the community. And this year is no different with their pop-up Commuter Workspace.

The space is dedicated to being a “creative hub, gathering place, and resource center”. Popping up in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and London, the workspace offers workshops, live music, coffee, on-site bike mechanics, tailors, and an overall terrific space to get some work done and bring the local cycling community together.

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I visited the Brooklyn space to attend the Preferred Mode Photo Show. The space was filled with a selection of photographs from Sam Polcer’s new book, New York Bike Style. The event brought out a crowd of cycling enthusiasts to appreciate the beautiful photos, while others took advantage of the comfortable work stations and quietly typed away at their laptops.

And as the night progressed, multiple people came in with their bikes, heading to the free repair and maintenance service provided by Levi’s. It was clear that this was a space made up of similar-minded cyclists, who felt comfortable. I asked the Managing and Lead Mechanic at the space, why it was so important to promote cycling in the community, “It gives people an outlet in a place that’s confined, it’s a healthy alternative.”

He estimated that they worked on about 60 bikes a day and the space had a turnout of at least 100 people a day. And while the service draws many in, it is the space that really captivates. With bright floor-to-ceiling windows, Wi-Fi, lovely wooden benches and chairs, and of course, free coffee, there was an overall sense of appreciation and gratitude for the existence of the space.

“Every city should have a similar concept,” the lead mechanic added, “like bike co-ops.” And while bike co-ops may not offer tailors to fix up your favorite old Levi’s or a workspace open all day for freelancers, they are a great way to keep in touch with the cycling community when this pop-up space leaves, or if it never had the chance to visit your city.

Cycling is a great way to keep in shape, to get from one place to another, or to stay environmentally-friendly, but best of all is that there is a group of people that can share the same enthusiasm to ride.  

The Brooklyn Workspace will be open until July 26th with a number of exciting events. The Los Angeles Workspace will be up August 5th to 29th, and the London Space August 7th to 17th. You can visit the Levi’s Commuter site to find out more information on the events and workshops offered. And if you aren’t able to make it to one of these spaces, get out there, and get in touch with your fellow cyclists. Because if this project can teach us anything, it’s that the cycling community, rocks.

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