The Lesser-Known Benefits of Weight Lifting

Look forward to a longer life, better sleep and 8 other benefits when you start lifting

It’s no secret that exercise does wonders for your health and happiness—regular fitness has been linked with boosting energy, relieving stress, helping with everyday tasks and so much more. [slideshow:1344]

For definitive proof, look no further than the mounting scientific research, which has been adding authority to the already-long list of exercise benefits. When you think of exercise, though, do you typically think of runners and cyclists? If so you’re not alone, but you should know that the vast benefits that come with aerobic exercise extend to anaerobic exercise (like weight lifting).

Whether you’re thinking about starting a strength training regimen or are looking to justify your love of lifting weights, we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known benefits and compelling reasons why lifting is great for your health, happiness and social life.

Take a look at our list and then start training to reap all the rewards that come with weight lifting.

Weight Loss

You probably know that a regular weight lifting regimen will increase muscle mass, but did you know it could also help you lose weight? Muscle is much more metabolically active than fat, which means it’s more efficient at burning calories. In fact, a recent study found that lifting weights was especially helpful in burning troublesome belly fat. The takeaway: start lifting weights, it can help you slim down.

Healthier Muscles and Bones

Researchers at Tufts University—and many others—report that weight lifting could help prevent and reverse muscle and bone loss. Weight bearing exercise, especially slow and controlled moves like squats and lunges with weight, stress the bones and muscles in a way that promotes fortification and growth. This information is especially important for elderly people, but certainly should not be overlooked by those at any age.

8 Other Lesser-Known Benefits of Lifting Weights