Leatherdos: Could This Hair Clip Save Your Life?

A tiny silver clip that doubles as a handy toolbox
Monkey Business Design Israel Ltd.

We’ve found it. The hair clip to beat all other hair clips. Throw out all your rusting old hair clips laying on your side table, it’s time to use a hair clip that does more than just hold back bangs.

Hiking, biking, and working out in the outdoors can be tough with long hair. It’s constantly flying in your face, getting in the way of your view, or just weighing you down and making you sweat. So the natural solution is to clip it up, reduce the heat it attracts by pushing it away from your face.

But what if you could do that and more with a tiny little silver clip? More as in, possibly save your life. We know the extensive benefits of multi tools and why we carry around pocket knives on a hike or other outdoor adventures. But sometimes, even a pocket knife can be an added burden.

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So, Monkey Business has created a multi tool clip, Leatherdos, that has five handy tools all included in the simple design of a hair clip. The tools include a small ruler, screwdriver, 8mm wrench, trolley coin, and cutter. There are 3 different types of screwdriver heads including a small screwdriver, large screwdriver, and flat Phillips screwdriver. Keep the clip stored away in your hair for when you may need it the most.

photo credit: Monkey Business Design Israel Ltd.

And you may just need it when you least expect it. From everything like cutting through a rope with it’s handy cutter or just fixing your eyeglasses with the Phillips screwdriver. This little silver clip can definitely get you out of a jam. It is also made out of sterling silver and built to last. For only $9, this tiny toolbox is a great alternative to the more expensive multi tools that you find on the market. And it can easily be placed in your hair with a snap without any fear of it falling out of your pocket. Who would’ve thought that a hair product would be a must-have for your next hiking trip?

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