Lance Tries, Fails to Sneak Around Ban

Armstrong was slated to compete in swim meet this weekend

Well, you have to admire his persistence.

After being handed a lifetime ban from competition by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and missing his deadline to come clean and reduce the sentence, Lance Armstrong nevertheless entered to swim three events at a Masters Swimming meet this weekend—and withdrew under pressure.

The executive director of U.S. Masters Swimming, the organization that oversees adult competitive swimming, had previously said that Masters meets are not subject to the ban. “We just stick to the fact that our purpose is encouraging adults to swim,” the director, Rob Butcher, told CBS DFW yesterday.

However, upon learning about Armstrong’s attempt to circumvent his punishment, swimming’s governing body FINA announced today that they sent a letter to the Masters reminding the organization that his ban applies to them, too, since they are a subsidiary group.

Responding to the pressure, Armstrong withdrew from the South Central Zone Masters championships of his own accord.

After retiring from cycling in 2010, the then 7-time Tour de France champion (he was stripped of his titles in October) switched to triathlons and marathons. With swimming now out, too, expect to see Armstrong creeping around your local pool hall, begging for a hit of that sweet, sweet competition.