Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site


Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site was established October 26, 1974. The 1,758 acre site preserves historic and archaelogical remnants of the culture and agricultural lifestyle of the Northern Plains Indians. More than fifty archaeological sites suggest a possible 8,000 year span of inhabitation, ending with five centuries of Hidatsa earthlodge village occupation. The circular depressions at the three village sites are up to 40 feet in diameter and are a silent testimony to the people that lived here.

The "Northern Plains Indian Culture Fest" is held annually during the last full weekend in July at Knife River Indian Villages NHS. The event encompasses a wide range of activities exemplifying the Northern Plains tribes that frequented the Knife River area from several thousand years ago to the present. Activities may include: archeology talks, flint knapping, beadworking, porcupine quill work, brain tanning hides, blacksmith trade items, Northern Plains dances, and Indian flute music. Rolling hills and the Knife River serve as the backdrop for this two day event, regularly scheduled programs and demonstrations by skilled artisans highlight the Northern Plains Indian culture.




One-half mile north of Stanton, ND on County Road 37. One hour northwest of Bismarck, ND and one and half hour southwest of Minot, ND.


Fly into Bismarck or Minot, ND. Hazen, ND (15 miles from site) has an airport for small planes.

Public Transport: 

Charter and tour bus parking available at Visitor Center parking lot.