Coronavirus Social Distancing: How to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday in Quarantine

Make them feel like royalty for the day


The COVID-19 outbreak has shut down schools, restaurants and more as people work to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading. As a result, many social events like graduation and prom have been canceled as people take to their homes to self-quarantine. And while you may not be able to leave your house for things like your child’s birthday, it’s still important to make them feel special.

Coronavirus stories: Kindness and joy emerge in midst of COVID-19 outbreak

As uncertain of a time as this is for adults, it’s also a confusing time for children, who’ve had to leave school, social distance from their friends and stay inside as much as possible. That being said, it’s a great time to go the extra mile for them, and when is a better chance to do so than on their birthday? This year, have your gift be a “yes day,” where everything your child asks for (within reason), they get.

If your little one wants to make silly putty and play dough or conduct an at-home science experiment, put on a smile and join in on the fun. And if they ask to have their favorite childhood dessert for dinner, then stamp the big ol’ parent seal of approval on it. Giving your child a great birthday is just one of many acts of kindness you can do from home.


While they can’t venture to their favorite beach or even go to the park, they can still have a great day with a little help from their parents. And the fun doesn’t have to end with a “yes day.” There are plenty of other great ways to throw a kid’s birthday party while in coronavirus quarantine.