Get Out There: 10 Adventures You Need to Try this Spring from Kayaking, Rock Climbing and 8 Other Things You Need to Try This Spring

Kayaking, Rock Climbing and 8 Other Things You Need to Try This Spring

Get Out There: 10 Adventures You Need to Try this Spring

In honor of longer days, more sunshine and (eventually) warmer temperatures, we’ve put together a list of adventures for spring that you can do across the U.S. Check out our list and get inspired to get out there.

Whitewater Raft

As winter snow begins to melt all that water feeds the rivers creating perfect whitewater conditions. Take to the rapids this spring for the ultimate adventure. There are tons of great rivers for rafting in the U.S., check out the classic Colorado River, which winds through the Grand Canyon or head to the Deerfield River set on the east coast.

Rock Climb

So you’ve been to your local indoor climbing gym and killed it on the wall, but maybe it’s time to take your skills to the next level? Climbing outdoors is a whole new venture and with the right knowledge and instruction it can be incredible. Red River Gorge in Kentucky and Boulder Canyon in Colorado are just two great spots in the U.S. for all ability levels.

Spring Ski

Sure, skiing and snowboarding are typically associated with winter, but there is plenty of snow—and many reasons to love these sports—in the spring. Big celebrations, crazy competitions and wide-open slopes are just a few of the draws. When looking into a spring ski trip, check out these awesome mountains that still have great conditions.


Break out your boots and hit some local trails to see the changing of the seasons first-hand. Budding flowers and scurrying wildlife are abundant in the pleasant warmth of spring. Hike one of these awesome trails in spring and avoid the occasional crowds of summer.

Practice Yoga in Nature

Regardless of where you choose to practice, yoga is about centering yourself—but after a long winter in a studio or living room some fresh air and natural scenery will be a welcome change. You don’t have to go far to find a great outdoor platform for yoga, your backyard or favorite park are great choices, but when you really want to get away check out The Japanese Garden in Golden Gate Park in California or another one of these stunningly gorgeous yoga spots.

Mountain Bike

The first bike ride of spring is always a memorable one, but when you’re looking to try something a little more adventurous than a ride around the neighborhood consider mountain biking. The idea of hitting steep singletrack may seem a bit frightening at first, but there are beginner spots and new education programs are popping up all the time.

Compete in a Race

There’s nothing quite like the rush you feel at the starting line of a race—that mix of anticipation and nerves as the gun goes off. The only thing that might compare is the feeling of accomplishment at the finish line. If you’re thinking of competing, check out these great spring races.


Get out on the water after the long winter and experience the benefits of kayaking. This great workout puts you right in the middle of nature and allows you to see the world from a new perspective. From Florida to Alaska the U.S. offers kayakers plenty of spots to see it all. Check out the Ocala National Forest in Florida or the Chugach National Forest in Alaska for some great paddling.

Explore a National Park

Whether you head to Yellowstone, Cuyahoga, Acadia or any of the other amazing national parks, you should make it a point to visit this spring. America’s best idea is even better after a long winter—plus most of the crowds visit in summer so spring is the time to visit.

Go Somewhere New

There’s really no bad time to branch out and explore a new place, but spring is a popular time for travel. Whether you get a break from school or manage to take a vacation from work, there’s so much to explore. Get out there and find your adventure or just see something new.