Kayakers Drop World's Steepest Navigable Descent

Trio first to descend kayaking’s multi-waterfall ‘Holy Grail’ in one go
(c) Marcos Ferro / Red Bull Content Pool

The view from above.

Three kayakers may have broken a world record when they dropped a sequence of waterfalls thought to be too treacherous to run in a single attempt, announced Red Bull this week.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of extreme kayaking, a quarter-mile segment of cascades on southern Mexico’s Rio Santo Domingo is thought to be the steepest navigable run in the world. With a gradient of 1,900 feet-per-mile through jungle-lined canyon, the section had previously only been run one waterfall at a time—and those falls come one after another after another: 80, 90, 60, 20 and 40 feet, according to kayaker Jesse Coombs, who has jumped some of them individually. And those are just the big ones.

“If you break your paddle or blow your deck, you have about five seconds to get your act together before you’re swept over the next 70 feet!” said one of the paddlers, Evan Garcia, to RedBull.com.

Garcia, Rafael Ortiz and Rush Sturges, three of the sport’s premier daredevils, completed this feat in March, but the energy drink company, which filmed the stunt, made the big reveal this week when they published photos. Full video is to be released next year.

Check out some of the photos below:

Via GrindTV.

(All images (c) Marcos Ferro / Red Bull Content Pool)

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