Kara Goucher Signs with Popular Activity-Tracking App Strava

Fans can now follow the elite runner's workouts as she trains for the New York City Marathon

Just after confirming her entry in this year’s New York City Marathon yesterday, Kara Goucher announced that she’s also signing on as a sponsored pro athlete with the popular activity-tracking app, Strava.

As a two-time Olympian, an American record holder and a World Championships bronze medalist, Goucher is widely considered one of the most accomplished female distance runners of all time.

She says that she’s excited to be a part of the Strava community because the app and its online network not only help her to connect with fans, but also serve as a source of inspiration.

“We can connect and encourage each other to reach our goals," she said in Strava’s press release.

Strava was founded in 2009, since then it’s grown into a large community of enthusiastic athlete’s who use the app and its network to track and share their fitness activities. Users can easily plan workouts, record activities and then analyze and compare their exercise data.

Strava’s main goal is to make fitness and exercise a more social experience. Some of the network’s social features include photo sharing, commenting, the ability to give and receive kudos and of course, the opportunity to follow and connect with your favorite pro athletes.

With Goucher’s announcement, fans are excited to catch a glimpse into the elite runner’s marathon training program.

It seems Goucher is equally as excited about her training and the upcoming race. In addition to letting her fans know they can now follow her on Strava, yesterday she tweeted about her workout with New York Road Runners CEO, Mary Wittenberg.

“Honored to return to the city of dreams! Great run on course today,” she wrote.

Goucher's other New York appearances included Nolcha Fashion Week where her clothing sponsor, Oiselle, used 10 of its elite athletes, including Goucher, as runway models to launch its new collection of women's performance clothing.


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