Jumpy 'The Weightlifting Dog' Lives Extreme

This dogs workout regimen puts humans to shame

Jumpy "the weightlifting dog” isn’t your average meathead at the gym. This wonder-dog skate boards, walks-on-walls, water boards and rips off back flips effortlessly.

In the video below, Jumpy pumps out tricep extensions that you have to see to believe (we're skeptical) and breezes through a bout of Crossfit training.

How exactly did Jumpy become the do-it-all Chuck Norris of canines?

 It all starts with legendary dog trainer Omar Von Muller. Jumpy’s “Bad Ass Dog 2” youtube video may have nearly 1,500,000 views, but frankly the dog’s a B-lister compared to Von Muller’s most famous prodigy.

Uggie, an orange and white Jack Russell Terrier, played Jean Dujardin’s sidekick in the 5-time Oscar winning film The Artist.

Von Muller, however, has big screen plans in the making for Jumpy. The extreme action dog is being scouted for the lead role in a Home Alone movie, canine-style.