Wild New Surfboard Shreds Without Waves

Gas-powered Jet Surf takes surfing into exciting—and strange—new territory

When surfers teamed up with Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula, Jet Surf happened.

Sula founded Jet Surf in 2008 with the goal of pushing the boundaries of water sports. But did he push them too far?

Jet Surfers ride a motorized surfboard with a two-stroke engine (similar to some jet skis) that weighs 30 pounds and reaches a top speed of 35mph. So you can ride the waves, so to speak, without any waves at all.

The boards are currently manufactured in Europe, but Red Bull surfers Kai Lenny, Pato Teixeira and Jamie O'Brien brought them to the beaches of Maui in April to test them out. In the awesome video below, you can see they gave Jet Surf the official U.S. of A stamp of approval.

Is it coincidental that formerly fringe water sports like kite-surfing and stand-up paddle boarding originated in these same Hawaiian waters? Maybe, or maybe Jet Surf will turn the surfing world on its head. It sure makes for a more seamless alternative to tow-in-style big wave surfing, but so far nobody's risked their $12,000 Jet Surf on a man-eater like Banzai Pipeline.

Anyway, with that kind of price tag, the One Percent might be the only ones shredding waves at breakneck speed on the back of this bulky, gas-guzzling board.

Is Jet Surfing the future of water sports, or will it run out of gas? You decide.