Doonya from Interesting Ways People Stay Fit Around the World

Interesting Ways People Stay Fit Around the World

New York Health and Racquet Club
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“Doonya, as a class, is a dance fitness program with roots in Indian art,” says Rohan Sheth who teaches Doonya classes at New York Health and Racquet Club in New York City. He says it’s much more than just a group exercise class, though. “It's a platform for creating a healthy, happy life through a workout geared towards all levels of fitness enthusiasts, or non-enthusiasts, and all levels of dancers or non-dancers.”

“What you incur with us for 60 minutes sets you up for a positive, healthy life. The endorphins help you seize the day and live to your fullest potential. Doonya is a program that promotes health; to be fit in your own body.”

Co-founder and co-creator of the Doonya program Priya Pandya adds, "Doonya emphasizes the connection of muscles to movement and the importance of controlling the body while releasing the mind from external distractions. This awareness of oneself empowers DOers—what we call our Doonya community—to know they have control over the changes they want to make in their lifestyles."


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