Interbike 2014: 10 of the Coolest, Most Innovative Gear Introduced

New and exciting bike gear takes center stage at Interbike

Every year manufacturers, retailers and everything related to the production and coverage of cycling comes together at one large trade show in Las Vegas, Interbike International Bicycle Expo. And every year technology improves, new products are introduced and fandom prevails.

Since the first show in 1982, Interbike has been an important element in the unique timing and seasons of the bike industry. An average of about 700 companies hold exhibits, and over 20,000 people attend to check on the new gear and bikes that will be announced for the upcoming 2015 season.

When we think of how quickly technology progresses with cell phones and computers, we forget that that affects technology in other facets as well. Especially in a current market of e-bikes and GPS gear, there are some incredible tech specs at work. This list of gear found at Interbike 2014 focuses on some of the cooler, more innovative gear that we all need. 

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Whether it be a racing bib with a special zipper for bathroom breaks, or a tail light with a built-in HD camera, this gear is practical and smart for all of your different types of cycling needs.

Lazer Wasp Air

[image: Lazer]

The new aerodynamic helmet by Lazer shapes around the rider’s position to find optimal fit. A small device in the tail vibrates when a rider has deviated from their aero position as a simple reminder to stay there. It has an integrated and adjustable lens built for performance.
Buy it on Lazer Sport for $399



With a built in hi-resolution video recorder, this flashing taillight is your new saving grace. The recorder will capture everything behind you as well as providing a strong 15-lumen light.
Buy it on Fly6 for $159


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