Intense Bike Locks

Intense Bike Locks

Abus Folding Lock

ABUS has created an entirely new type of lock called the folding lock. It is lightweight and flexible while keeping your bike protected. Made with special hardened steel the link construction is strong but also compact.
Buy it on Amazon for $144.


BitLock is a keyless bike lock that can sense your proximity from bike to phone and unlocks when you are within 3 feet.The built-in GPS will allow you to find your bike on the App in case you forgot where you parked. The BitLock App can also map your ride and provides you detailed statistics including mileage and calories burned. Match your lock to your bike with the red, green, blue, pink, black or brown color options.
Pre-order it at BitLock for $95.00

Blackburn San Quentin U-Lock

Blackburn has created a line of bike locks that have a hexagonal shackle design. This prevents the shackle from spinning which allows it to resist cutting and leverage attacks. The anti-scratch liner will also keep your bike looking pristine, just in case someone does attempt to steal. And best of all, Blackburn offers a $4,000 theft replacement guarantee, so you can rest assured with some insurance.
Buy it at Amazon for $67.46.

Knog Strongman

This silicone overmolded, plated hardened steel U-lock is named accordingly as the Strongman. The 13mm steel shackle is heat-treated specifically for cutting resistance and toughness. It comes in three colors; black, red and white, and includes a bicycle mounting bracket. The UV resistant silicone is specifically used to protect your bike from marks and scratches.
Buy it on Amazon for $65.59.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock is designed to withstand the toughest thievery in the city. This extra-tough bike lock has an 18-mm hardened steel shackle to resist leverage attacks and bolt cutting. With over 280 customer reviews on Amazon, this U-Lock proves not to disappoint as one of the most popular bike locks among urban cyclists.
Buy it at Amazon for $98.95.


LOCK8 is another smart, keyless bike lock. This lock offers other exciting features including alarms and GPS. There are many types of sensors that send alarms to your phone when tampered with. Some include a bolt cutter attack alarm, a saw attack alarm, an ice spray attack alarm, and a temperature sensor. If your bike is stolen you can use the geolocator to track it.
Buy it at LOCK8 for $249.

Master Lock Street Cuffs

Intimidating in more than just looks, the Master Lock Street cuffs are a high security, convenient locking system. You can lock your bike to a parking meter, fence post and more. This system works best in preventing leverage attacks, and is compact enough to put in your pocket. With a $3,500 anti-theft guarantee, these steel constructed cuffs are nearly impossible to cut.
Buy them at Amazon for $45.00.


This smart U-Lock might just be the next big thing in bike locks coming out early 2015. Using bluetooth technology, Skylock stays connected to your phone so that you don’t need a key. Its also solar-powered, so you never have to worry about recharging it. It has some great features including auto-lock, remote monitoring to prevent theft, and a personalized bike sharing system.
Pre-order for $159 at Skylock.


TiGr® provides complete protection with an elegant aesthetic. The titanium lock is light and versatile. It comes in three different sizes; standard, long and short. The standard is long enough to lock both wheels on road bikes and most hybrids. The short (as pictured) can fit in a backpack or messenger bag. The titanium frame is tough enough to survive many unique challenges. Check out the product video here.
Buy one at Amazon for $180-200.