Instant Energy Boosters that Are Actually Good for You

9 simple strategies for staying alert and energized everyday

We all know the feeling—the afternoon, post-lunch sluggishness that makes you want to ignore the onslaught of incoming emails and take a nap under your desk. Sadly, most of us can't get away with a midday snooze while still keeping our jobs, but that doesn't mean there aren't other options. [slideshow:1174]

If your first reaction is to reach for a cup of coffee (or three), you're not alone. According to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey, 83 percent of American adults drink coffee and they average three cups a day. While coffee has its benefits and isn't inherently bad for you, there are other things you should be trying instead of relying on that pumpkin spiced latte to pick you up.

A walk outside in the sunshine is a mood and energy booster that you might be familiar with but did you know chewing gum could perk you up as well? Or that drinking water can keep your energy levels high?

We've rounded up 9 of the healthiest energy boosters that will perk you up instantly and keep you energized throughout the day. 

Soak up some sun

Sunshine is a completely natural way to boost your mood while taking in a bit of energy. When you’re feeling sluggish head outside for a few minutes, soak up some vitamin D and come back feeling refreshed.

Move throughout the day

We’ve all heard that too much sitting is terrible for our bodies, but a sedentary state is also wreaking havoc on our energy levels. When you sit for long periods blood vessels constrict and muscles fall asleep, putting your whole body into a slump. Luckily there’s a simple solution, standing, walking and stretching for just a few minutes will wake you back up.

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