Travelers' Secrets of Happiness (Infographic)

A recent survey returns a few surprising results

In honor of the United Nations' first annual International Day of Happiness, we took note of the things we do that help keep our spirits up. One thing that topped our lists? Travel.

While we all love a good getaway, a recent survey by Toronto-based G Adventures shows just how important travel can be. According to the results, 83 percent of people polled (a sample of G Adventures' "external network") believed travel is very important to their happiness—even more important than buying a house, having a baby or buying a car.

The survey also found several other interesting results. While men prefer to travel with their significant other, women would rather adventure with a friend. When it comes to work, more people would rather have days off to travel than a pay increase.

And where would people go if they had a free ticket anywhere? Find the answer to this question, as well as a depiction of all the survey results, in the infographic below.


Via The Culturist.