Infographic: 6 Relaxing Poses to Beat Stress

Restorative yoga uses props to settle into long poses

“Restorative Yoga” has a nice ring to it. As the week marches on and stress levels build, everyone needs a bit of relaxation. Yoga classes can be a big help, but they’re often sweaty workouts that aren’t readily available when you need to take a chill break and get your breathing back in order.

Restorative, or “gentle” yoga, can help you find your center in a more relaxed way by using props like pads and pillows to settle you into long poses without overworking your body.

“Don't skimp on the props,” says Yoga Journal. “Blocks, straps, blankets, balls, towels, chairs, walls, sandbags, eye bags, and pillows are all considered fair game when supporting yourself in these poses. The more fully your body is supported, the deeper your sense of relaxation and surrender will be.”

Looking to get started? Greatist put together a helpful infographic of six restorative poses for stress relief with the following admonition: “Just remember to take the time to get in and out of each pose safely—especially when the spine is involved.”

Via Greatist.