Industrial Wasteland To Become Climbing Gym

Company aims to transform old grain silo in Buffalo into a climber's paradise
Staff Writer
Silo City

This abandoned facility in Buffalo may soon become a climbing gym.

In upstate New York, the Buffalo River is undergoing a revival. Locals want to transform this industrial area into a bustling recreational site…and a group of entrepreneurial climbers have a plan.

This winter, Jason Schwinger, Andrew Minier and Kevin Cullen began to prepare a 100-year-old abandoned grain elevator as the site of Silo City Rocks. They envision a massive indoor and outdoor facility loaded with climbing routes up to 190-feet tall. The 6,000 square-foot space would also include bouldering caves, rappelling platforms and a yoga studio.

The project is raising the required funds on Indiegogo. The team aims to have a bouldering area and several outdoor routes up by Memorial Day, and to continue to set more climbs throughout the summer.

Via Gear Junkie.

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