Incredible Fitness Perks

Incredible Fitness Perks

Chick-fil-A: Atlanta, Georgia

Whether it’s a hike in Grand Teton National Park or a backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, employees at Chick-fil-A work out to prepare for bigger challenges. Company president Dan T. Cathy had this vision in mind when he helped organize the first company athletic excursion to the Disneyland Half Marathon in Florida in 2006. Since then, the model has taken off.

To prepare employees to meet their goals, Chick-fil-A offers a free membership to its on-site, 11,000-square-foot gym, free group fitness classes, and free small group personal training. 

Clif Bar: Emeryville, California

Clif’s wellness center features a weight room, 40-foot-tall bouldering wall, yoga room, dance studio and locker rooms with showers and towel service. Five on-site personal trainers can help you stay in shape, while six free annual visits to a nutritionist and life coach foster overall wellness. When you feel good enough to tackle a century ride or marathon, you can take advantage of the company’s $350 annual race reimbursement.

Clif also has a bike-friendly culture. The company provides indoor bike racks to encourage employees to ride to work, and in-house cruisers can be checked out for errands or a lunch-time ride.

The focus on health continues at the on-site cafeteria, Kali’s Kitchen, where employees can order organic breakfasts and lunches made with food from local farms.

Clif is so serious about staying fit that even the childcare center is built with exercise in mind. Pint-sized treadmills, elliptical trainers and stationary bikes, as well as an outdoor playground, help kids stay active.

Dreamworks: Glendale, California

Dreamworks emphasizes both health and employee self-actualization—priorities that have led to a variety of on-site classes including karate, jujitsu, yoga, meditation and boot camps. In addition, an on-campus nutritionist and physician—as well as an annual $400 gym reimbursement—can help employees meet their fitness goals. To track their progress, staff can take advantage of free health screenings. 

Google: Mountain View, California

At Google’s Danceplex, employees can choose from more than 200 different group and dance classes each week ranging from belly dancing to Bollywood. In addition, the company’s sports leagues help fellow Googlers stay active and meet new people.

If you’d rather stick to the gym, you can take advantage of the company’s decked-out fitness center complete with a lap pool, free weights and all the other bells and whistles—including discounted personal training and free fitness assessments.

Google employees receive free breakfast, lunch and dinner at their choices of 16 gourmet cafes, each stocked with numerous healthy choices. After a meal, they can head to the on-site bowling alley for a few games with friends.

GymPact: San Francisco, California

GymPact proves that small companies can still offer big fitness perks to their employees. Each staffer receives a free membership to next door Mission Cliffs, where they can enjoy unlimited rock climbing and yoga classes.

Employees also regularly sign up for events such as The Color Run and the company plans fun, fitness-related outings, such as hikes around the Bay Area.

Herbalife: Torrance, California

This company not only sponsors triathlons, but also has solid employee representation in many events. When cycling enthusiast Michael Johnson joined Herbalife as CEO in 2003, he made endurance sports part of company culture. In 2008, 80 percent of employees participated in a triathlon. Herbalife helped them prepare through on-site training and clinics, running groups, personal trainers and access to the company’s workout facilities. In addition, a pantry stocked with Herbalife products, as well as an on-site organic café, provides a steady supply of healthy meals.  

Hybris: Boulder, Colorado

As a software company based in Germany, Hybris needed a way to stand out from its Silicon Valley counterparts. This is why, when the company decided to build a new office in Boulder, Colorado, it designed the facility to attract ambitious triathletes who work and play hard.

Hybris offers a flexible work schedule for training, a kitchen designed for athletes' needs with plenty of blenders and juicers, an Endless Pool, treadmills, cycling rooms, a full-time massage therapist and a team coach. The location in Boulder also provides easy access to great hiking and biking trails. 

Nike: Beaverton, Oregon

When Nike built its headquarters in Beaverton, it needed a campus fit to impress the likes of Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova. Today, the 74-acre compound features a 12,000-square-foot rec room, a rock-climbing wall, an Olympic-sized pool and a beach volleyball arena.

Employees also love the two-mile outdoor running loop (made from wood chips rather than joint-knocking pavement), as well as the discounted swag at the company store.

Progressive: Mayfield Village, Ohio

This insurance giant offers a state-of-the-art workout facility, personal trainers, Weight Watchers at Work, classes ranging from kettlebell to yoga and rooms for relaxing and meditating.

As for food, the cafeteria (complete with a foosball table for post-meal competitions) offers gluten-free and vegan options and displays calories for all its items. A seasonal garden provides a steady supply of herbs that employees can harvest and take home.  

SAS Institute: Cary, North Carolina

Ninety six percent of SAS’s employees use the company’s 58,000-square-foot fitness center, whether to lift weights or take fitness classes. On the SAS campus, there are also miles of walking trails, bike trails and basketball and racquetball courts.

Every year, the company hosts its own version of the Tour de France called the Tour de SAS. It also sponsors ski trips, white water rafting excursions and other fun outdoor activities. 

TRX: San Francisco, California

Employees at TRX can take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities stocked with jump ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells and cardio and weight-training machines, as well as free personal trainers and body composition analyses. There are also daily workout classes held on the top floor of the building—a space that offers sweeping views of San Francisco. After a good sweat, employees can then clean up in the TRX locker room.

In addition to its gym, TRX also offers a $200 annual race reimbursement, a kitchen stocked with fresh fruit, nuts and energy bars, and flexible hours that allow athletes to work around their training schedule. 

Patagonia: Ventura, California

At Patagonia’s headquarters, you can spend your lunch hour in an aerobics class, surfing the Pacific, or playing basketball or sand volleyball. The company’s location, just beside public bike paths and hiking trails, is ideal for nature lovers and Patagonia provides bike and surf racks where you can stash your gear between adventures.

To refuel, employees can take advantage of mostly organic breakfasts and lunches at Patagonia’s café, where meals are offered at a discounted price. 

Technogym: Cesena, Italy

The Technogym Village in Cesena, Italy, is home to the brand’s headquarters and is the first campus in the world to be designed around quality of life.

On their mandatory, two-hour lunch break, employees can work out, play foosball, enjoy a meal cooked with fresh, local ingredients, or play basketball on the outdoor court.

Each employee has a wellness key to record their movement each day. The technology functions as a pedometer and can also be plugged into exercise machines. The information is then stored on an online database where each staff member can check his or her progress.

In addition, Technogym has standing-only meeting rooms and uses wellness balls—rather than desk chairs—to correct posture and strengthen stability muscles.