iddo is the World’s First BMX Sensor—And It Looks Awesome

Track everything from tricks to lap times and then compete against your friends
Indiegogo/ iddo

Everyone from runners to cyclists, and even skiers has the option to track their movements using technology. There is no shortage of apps and gadgets for the more mainstream sports, but until recently, BMX riders didn’t have much in the way of tracking technology.

With iddo, both BMX racers and freestyle riders will soon have the ability to quantify their rides. Using a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app, iddo tracks tons of data and displays it in a neat and intuitive way. The race version tracks laps, speed, time, trick time (air-time and manual-time), max speed, max height in air, and location—in addition to tracking the weather. The Freestyle version keeps track of your tricks and assigns points, it also measures the accuracy of each trick, the height and distance, among other measurements.

The app allows you to link with friends and compete, and it also allows you to compete against your personal bests. iddo is currently crowdfunding at Indiegogo and for 159 euros, you can try it out for yourself.

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