How to Travel Healthy This Spring

Five tips to boost your health and fitness on any trip

It’s easy to lose sight of our health when we’re on the road. Whether it be the excitement, the constant transportation from one place to the next or simply an absence of the familiar, travelers occasionally neglect their health and that’s a big issue.

Although taking care of our health and wellness deserves a monumental list, we narrowed it down to the top tips for traveling healthy. These are the solutions to the most common health and fitness issues that occur while you’re away from home.

Stay Hydrated. From flying in an airplane with limited humidity to walking the streets of a foreign city for hours on end, travelers are prone to dehydration, often without even realizing it. Carry on an empty refillable water bottle and fill it once you’re through security (and whenever it’s empty) so you’ll always have water handy. Just make sure the water you’re using is safe to drink.

Fit in Exercise. Sure, you may not have access to a gym like you do at home, but that’s no reason to drop your fitness routine completely. Staying active is important for both your body and mind, especially on extended trips. Body weight exercises can be done anywhere with no equipment, they are so convenient that they were named the top fitness trend of 2015.

You may also want to invest in a fitness tracker, like PulseOn, which tracks your pulse and other fitness metrics. Keeping track of your pulse on the road will give you insights on recovery time and the other information will let you know when you’ve done well for the day or if you need to fit in some more exercise.

Eat Whole Foods. Delicious food surrounds travelers and whether that be local grub or fast food fries, a few too many unhealthy meals can do more damage than you think. Definitely try the local food if you feel up to it, but also try to bring healthy snacks for the journey and seek out a healthy meal with some vegetables every once in a while.

Get Enough Rest. It’s so tempting to try to squeeze in every last bit of your vacation. Cutting sleep to try and do and see more may seem like a good plan but burnout is a real thing and so is sickness. Try your best to get at least seven hours a night.

Take Supplements. Whether you prefer Airborne, Emergen-C or something a little more old school, keep supplements on hand to give your immune system a boost through the flights and long travel days.

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