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How to Organize Emails

Don’t let your inbox get cluttered

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House chores, errands and TV shows we want to watch all have something in common — they add up. While those things might be obvious when they physically pile up, there is something in our lives that might be less noticeable but equally as stressful when it gets to be too much: the email inbox.

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Gone are the days when the junk mail came straight to your mailbox to be shredded. Now, there's a little bubble in the corner of your phone’s app with an ever-growing number or a hidden tab on your desktop browser that you refuse to open.

We get our coupons, status updates, bill notifications, traffic alerts, sale information, recipes, e-invitations and so much more in our inbox. Is there a simple way to make it stop and have it be manageable? The short answer is yes.

Although dealing with your inbox daily might seem like a lot to have to commit to, it could help organization patterns in the long run and decrease the amount of junk mail, work mail and pleasure reading that adds up.

First, begin with the habit of delegating emails to the correct folder as soon as you receive them. A new alert for a city council meeting came through? Send it to your community folder. Did you get a bunch of promotional sales emails ahead of a busy shopping weekend? Pop those into a coupon folder. Did you get a newsletter from some website you visited 10 years ago and don’t remember why? Send that to the trash folder.

The more you do to get stuff out of your primary inbox, the easier it will be to determine which emails you can delete, which ones you need to keep for later and which ones you need to address quickly.


Secondly, when you do move new mail into a folder, make sure you set aside time to actually go through those emails. Put a notification on your calendar as a reminder or put a note in your planner once a week to ensure you take time to further minimize the number of emails piling up. If immediate action isn’t enough and you need a better gameplan to clean out your inbox, here are more hacks that can save you time and stress.