How Lindsey Vonn Recovered from a Devastating Knee Injury

Two crashes, two surgeries and months of training have brought Vonn back to World Champion status HYPERICE

Lindsey Vonn, the skier slated for the spotlight in Sochi wasn’t able to make it to the Olympics, but instead watched the footage from her living room. She describes the experience as “salt in the wound” in her new documentary, which premiered Sunday, Jan. 25 on NBC and is available now on Red Bull TV.

After a major crash during the 2013 World Championships, Vonn was airlifted to a nearby hospital where doctors discovered her MCL and ACL were torn, she fractured her tibial plateau and suffered a lateral meniscus tear. She went in for surgery and after a remarkably quick recovery she began skiing again in September. In mid-November she crashed again and suffered a partial tear of her ACL graft, but returned to training 10 days later with a brace.

Hoping to make it to Sochi, Vonn tried to continue skiing, but her knee gave out in Val d'Isere, France. With any hope of making it to the 2014 Winter Olympics gone, she went in for a second surgery.

Almost exactly a year after that successful surgery, Vonn is back with her incredible recovery story and a record breaking win. Since her return, she’s won three more World Cup victories, which puts her at a total of 63 wins and gives her the distinction of the most World Cup wins of any woman in history.

She is arguably the best female skier in history and her recovery story sheds light on her success. HyperIce and REI produced a video of Vonn’s recovery, her routines and a brief look back at her early years of skiing.

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