Hotels With Amazing Natural Elements

Hotels With Amazing Natural Elements

The all-glass, undersea restaurant at this hotel offers you beautiful, 180-degree views of the surrounding vibrant coral gardens. While you can enjoy cocktails, lunch or a six-course set dinner in this incredible space, you can also take the experience a step further. Upon request, the hotel will transform the restaurant into a private guestroom. The price includes a private champagne dinner and breakfast in bed.

In Las Vegas, if attractions aren’t over-the-top spectacular, they don’t survive. Thanks to 140 resident horticulturists, you’ll be sure to find amazing displays in Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at any time of year. In the fall, you may see a massive wooden troll protecting a sprawling pumpkin patch and flower garden. In the winter, poinsettias often cover every open surface. These incredible displays are often accompanied by live music.

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Each night at the Adrère Amellal Desert Ecolodge, you’ll be led to your outdoor bed in the desert by Siwan staff using only the light of the moon. Once you arrive, you will be left alone with the glow of a dozen flickering beeswax candles and the starry night sky. While this may sound like roughing it, the experience is anything but rustic: The beds are made of palm reeds and adorned with quilts, pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets. The desert rooms go for $800 per night, and the resort is open September through July.

Although there are numerous places to stay in the Reserva Biologica Huilo Huilo in Chile, the Montana Magica Lodge may be the most spectacular. Covered with moss and vines, the structure was built with local materials by local craftsmen from the surrounding communities. Every day, the volcano-like structure “erupts,” sending water down past the windows. The lodge is accessible only by foot and guests must cross a swinging draw bridge to enter. After wandering the 300,000-acre private nature reserve during the day, spend your evenings relaxing in Jacuzzis carved from hollowed-out tree trunks.

This property, situated on a 10-acre ocean-front property, boasts four incredible housing options: a beach suite, a tree house, a beach house and a garden house. Of these, the tree house has the most incredible features. The furniture is hand carved from sustainable wood made from fallen trees, and a live Sangrillo tree in the bathroom hides a toilet in one trunk fold and a shower in another.

Visitors have been coming to Chico Hot Springs Resort’s mineral pools since the late 1800s to swim and bathe in the (supposed) healing waters. Today, two open-air mineral pools are still a popular attraction.

The water temperatures can change depending on the hot springs, but normally stays between 96 to 103 degrees. Admission is included in your stay at the resort; however day passes are also available. 

On this 400-acre private plantation, coffee and a variety of spices—including pepper, vanilla and cardamom—are grown on site. The 500-square-foot tree house is the most impressive lodging option on the property. Our favorite feature? The gulmohar tree (with attached shower) that grows through the bathroom. 

Every winter, a dedicated group of builders and artists sculpt ice from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden into the largest ice hotel on the planet. For this reason, annual visitors never see the same hotel twice. The shape of the hotel—as well as the art sculpted from ice, snow and magnetite—changes every year.

The temperature in the rooms fluctuates between 17 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. To help you stay warm, the ice bed has a regular mattress covered with reindeer skin and visitors each receive a sleeping bag for the night. 

If you’re not interested in these freezing temperatures, you can also choose “warm accommodation.” These are regular rooms and chalets where you sleep indoors, have a regular bed and the temperature is normal.

At Jaci’s, you can choose between safari or tree lodges. If you’re looking for natural elements, the tree lodges are your best bet. The eight separate structures—made from African rosewood and thatch—surround a giant Leadwood tree and boast outdoor jungle showers and en-suite bathrooms. Along with a great view, these rooms are also great for bird watching or spotting resident mongoose families in the surrounding tree canopy. 

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The Gaylord Opryland Resort boasts three indoor green areas—the Cascades, the Delta and the Garden Conservatory—totaling nine acres of waterfalls and 50,000 plants representing thousands of different species. Book a room overlooking this incredible space, try a river boat cruise down the quarter-mile-long river or saunter along the miles of paved walkways.

Surrounded by vineyards, a botanic garden and a centuries-old park, L’Alberta is the ideal vacation spot for those who want to combine Italy’s famous cuisine (all meals are prepared by Milanese chef  Gualtiero Marchesi) with the serenity of nature. This five-star hotel’s biggest surprise—and the reason it makes our list—is the Cabriolet Suite. Press a button and the roof above your head will disappear. This room is particularly popular during the annual Perseid meteor shower. It rents for $617 per night.

For more than 400 years during the Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods, these rock formations—also called fairy chimneys—were used as stables, kitchens, chapels and living quarters for various communities. Today, they have been transformed into a luxury hotel with 36 rooms.

Each room is made from local, hand carved stone that blends into the surrounding rock. From the communal terrace, you can take in the full view of the surrounding landscape with its incredible rock towers. 

Hilton stocked its ocean-fed lagoon with green sea turtles, making this hotel one of the easiest and most kid-friendly places to spot these incredible animals. Guests at the Hilton can swim, snorkel or paddlenear the turtles, as long as they observe the codes of conduct.

The heart of this resort is its central swimming pool, which is set within a sunken courtyard and framed by natural rock walls. The massive windows located in every room of the 600-acre resort offer incredible views of the surrounding desert landscape, including the Escalante National Monument.

This is also one of the best places in the United States for stargazing, thanks to the clean, dry air. Take advantage of the night skies in one of Amangiris suites with sky terraces. These rooms have only three walls and no ceiling, giving you the best possible view of both the sky and the pool below. Summer is the ideal time to visit, with nighttime temperatures in the 60's.