Yiming Li/E+ via Getty Images

Comet Neowise 2020: Here's How to See This Spectacular Sight

A once in a lifetime opportunity


Yiming Li/E+ via Getty Images

If you thought putting on your solar eclipse glasses to watch the moon pass between the Earth and the sun was exciting, just wait until you learn about a new rare comet coming our way. It's what some are calling a once-in-our lifetime experience and we'll tell you exactly when and how to see it this month.

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The comet which is named Comet C/2020 F3 or more commonly referred to as NEOWISE, was discovered during a NASA mission on March 27, 2020. NASA was able to identify the comet using two infrared channels which are senstive to heat. At the time, NEOWISE was just a fuzzy dot moving through space but now the comet has ended it's journey around the sun and is returning to Earth. 

If you wish to view the rare comet, it will be visible in the Northeastern United States sky until July 11 before sunrise. And to catch the comet as it moves away from the sun, watchers will be able to spot it after sunset on July 11 until mid-August. 

NASA's search for comets expands our current knowledge of prehistoric solar system entities. According to NASA, Comet NEOWISE will pass by Earth about 64 million miles away, giving astronomers the chance to learn more about it. 


So, get out your binoculars and join the astronomers in spotting this rare comet while you can. It's one of those things every American should do in their lifetime