How To Choose the Right Dog Breed for Your Family

Look past those puppy dog eyes to the traits that will tell you which breed is best for you
How To Choose the Right Dog Breed for Your Family


The American Kennel Club recognizes 190 official dog breeds. That number doesn’t include hybrids like Labradoodles or the more than 300 other distinct breeds from around the world that are uncommon and unrecognized in the U.S.[slideshow:103859]

With so many breed options, where does one even start? It’s impossible to narrow down the field by looks alone because a sweet puppy smile will win over a dog lover every time. Using major factors such as lifestyle, where you live, the ages of your children and more is the best way to eliminate breeds that won’t fit your family.

Here are 21 tips for reducing the field of contenders to find the one breed that’s best for you and your household.

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