These Dog Breeds Are Prone to Obesity

If your pup is a certain breed, you'll need to watch their waistline
Dog breeds that are prone to obesity


Obesity is the No. 1 nutritional disease affecting pets today. Most dogs are at risk for obesity, but certain breeds in particular are prone to overeating if given the chance. Others are genetically predisposed to pack on the pounds.[slideshow:104525]

Inactivity, overuse of food as rewards and overeating fatty people food are all factors that can cause your pet to carry too much weight, which also puts them at risk for developing potentially deadly health issues.

One of the two major reasons for the problem is that many owners think that a chubby pet is a happy pet and they want to reward their pet for being good or cute. Food is a great reward.

While more than half of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, here are 20 popular kinds of pups that have especially high risk for becoming overweight.


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