25 Best Reasons to Adopt a Mutt

“Adopt, don’t shop” is a motto you just might learn to live by.
25 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt


Many mutts are looking for their forever homes.

Are you preparing to get a new dog after the loss of a pet? Are you thinking of getting a dog for the first time? No matter the reason, buying a dog requires serious considerations. From age to breed and personality to behavior, there are plenty of characteristics to ponder.[slideshow:104428]

Plus, you have to think about the seller of the dog, the cost to buy and care for the dog, and what’s best for you and your family overall.

Purebred dogs usually have the best shot of finding a happy home. However, not only are they costly, but some purebreds are victims of puppy mills where the dog’s value is prioritized above the pup’s well-being. There are millions of mutts across the country searching for their forever home, and there are plenty of reasons why you should consider adopting a mutt.

We’re not talking about designer hybrids such as labradoodles or cockapoos. Some mutts may be a mix of four or more breeds, so you may even find a "Heinz dog" (a reference to the 57 varieties of Heinz). Many a mutt is full of surprises thanks to its mixed breed, which brings great joy to its new owners and everyone who comes across the pup. No matter their history, millions of well-mannered mutts are patiently waiting for families like yours to bring them home.

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