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The FlyLady Method Will Change the Way You Clean Your Home

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier

©  Jevtic | Dreamstime.com

There aren't many things quite as stressful as leaving a long day at work only to enter into a home that is in complete disarray. Life can get busy fast, meaning dishes might pile up, mirrors can get dusty and that trash that you’ve been meaning to take out to the curb for the past week is still sitting idly by the door. And as soothing as it might be to tackle the dirty places in your home, it can easily become overwhelming if the mess seems neverending. Enter the FlyLady method. 

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Named after Marla Cilley — an organizing and time management expert — the FlyLady method is a cleaning hack that encourages people to focus on cleaning small areas of their homes in 15-minute increments with 15-minute breaks after decluttering. According to Cilley, or the FlyLady, as she is best known, “Cleaning doesn’t need to be a marathon. Your home did not get dirty in one day, and it will not get clean in a day either.” Because of the short amount of time spent cleaning, you will be able to successfully master the task at hand without losing steam. 

The FlyLady method is taking off. According to data released by Pinterest, internet searches for the "fly lady cleaning schedule" have increased 40%, while searches for "Marie Kondo" — an organizing consultant and author who gained fame after her show, “Tidying Up,” made waves on Netflix — are down 80%. 

The benefits of cleaning are immeasurable. Not only does taking the steps to declutter your home reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also boost your mood. According to data released by Pinterest, recent studies show that cleaning might be connected to mental wellbeing. In fact, 54% of consumers reported experiencing relaxation while cleaning their home. 


Become the cleaning guru you’ve always wanted to be and master the FlyLady method. And while you’re in the process of cleaning, try these home organizing hacks to simplify your life.