This Is the Most Versatile Item in Your Kitchen Cabinet

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How to Make The Most Out of Old Jars

Put those jars to use
This Is the Most Versatile Item in Your Kitchen Cabinet

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There is one item that is pretty easy to find in almost any household: a jar. Whether it’s a jar full of tomato sauce for pasta night, a jar filled with pickled vegetables or just a plain old empty mason jar, it’s usually there. The good news for people looking for easy home DIY projects is that there are several ways to repurpose the versatile item. Home hackers can use it to store comfort foods that can freeze overnight, to help organize the home and simplify life and more.

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You can avoid making simple recycling mistakes by not throwing away your empty jars from a bowl of spaghetti or ravioli and instead turn them into glassware. Rather than buying a bunch of plastic cups for your guests, reuse a couple of mason jars as cups to have at your dinner party.

If you’re a rookie gardener, you don’t have to buy the most expensive pots or planters to get started. Grab a jar and fill it with some dirt. Save seeds from fruits like apples or cherries, plant them in the jar and grow the seedlings until they are ready to move into a bigger pot or outdoors. If gardening isn’t your forte, place some store-bought flowers in the jar and make it a cute centerpiece for your coffee table.

Other uses? A jar can keep all of your pens and pencils in one place. Have a lot of makeup brushes but nowhere to store them? Jar.

If you want to get really creative, you can look up recipes to make your own candles. Don’t get trapped by the beautiful aromas that make you spend more money in the shopping malls. You can get wax, candle wicks and fragrance oil of your choice to create candles that appeal to your sense of smell and you can even turn this crafty hobby into a small business.


Jars and other containers are great things to keep around the house and can be turned into useful items. But there may be other household items that you didn’t know could be repurposed when you’re done with them.