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Is It Safe to Go Black Friday Shopping?

Who doesn’t love a good discount?


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The coronavirus has changed the way we enjoy many things, like how we eat out at restaurants and spend time with loved ones. But with the chilly weather drawing closer, the pandemic has many wondering how it will alter our beloved holiday season, and if we can’t celebrate Thanksgiving with our family, is it at least safe to go Black Friday shopping?

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There are plenty of changes to expect when returning to malls, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it might not be safe to go back just yet, especially when crowds are high. The agency reports that there is a low-risk and high-risk way to enjoy your Black Friday discounts.

Attending crowded malls during your Black Friday shopping could put you at high risk for contracting the coronavirus. To mitigate this risk, the CDC recommends online shopping this year instead.


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