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How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Your morning joe shouldn't be making you sick

Paul Taylor/ DigitalVision via Getty Images

A coffee maker is a staple appliance in many homes, especially now that many Americans are working from home and making their own coffee drinks at home as well. But many people are not cleaning the appliance properly, and it could actually be harboring dangerous bacteria.

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A study by NSF International, formerly the National Sanitation Foundation, found that coffee makers were actually one of the germiest spots in the home. Warm and moist environments — like the reservoirs of coffee makers — are breeding grounds for germs. In the study, coffee makers were found to have mold, yeast, coliforms and E.coli bacteria, which all cause illnesses. But there is a way to clean and sanitize your coffee maker with vinegar that will rid it of any germs and bacteria so you can get back to making amazing coffee recipes at home.

A coffee maker should be cleaned with soap and hot water after every use. Then once a week, the machine should be run with equal parts water and white vinegar. This will get your coffee maker squeaky clean and ready for you to safely make a variety of different coffee drinks.


Coffee makers are just one of things you might be surprised to learn are actually the dirtiest places in your home.