How to Kill Flies in Your House

How to Kill Flies in Your House

Eliminate this household annoyance
How to Kill Flies in Your House

It’s the one downfall of warmer weather that everyone always forgets: the flies. They’ve been uninvited guests at every summer picnic, cookout or food-related event since the dawn of time. They’ll even sometimes invade your house — that’s where you draw the line. Don’t worry though; it doesn’t take expensive traps or harmful chemicals to get rid of these pests. It just takes a little time and ingenuity. These are the easiest ways to kill flies in your house.

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DIY fly trap
When it comes to killing flies, the easiest way to do it is with some kind of trap, so that way you can sit back and let the flies do the work themselves. Flies are attracted to fermented foods and liquids, so you can use them to do a pretty good job of luring them to a trap.

First, take an empty 2-liter bottle of soda and cut it horizontally across about 6 inches from the top. Take a type of alcohol — like some inexpensive wineor cider vinegar and pour in enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. This works to attract flies because flies are attracted to the fermentation. Mix it with a little dish soap. Dish soap breaks the surface tension of the liquid, which the flies normally rely on to stay afloat, so that the flies will fall in and drown.

Then, flip the top that you cut off of the soda bottle upside down so that the nose of the bottle faces downwards. Drop it into the bottom half of the bottle. This will create a funnel over the wine so that flies will easily crawl down into the bottom part of the bottle but will have more trouble finding their way back out. Leave the trap out on your counter and wait for the flies to trap themselves inside.

Venus fly trap
In addition to making your own trap, you can use nature’s fly trap as well. While some plants are edible for critters (and humans), some critters are actually edible for this plant. Venus fly traps can be bought at most garden stores, have beautiful white flowers and actually do eat flies. They attract flies by secreting a sweet nectar, and close on insects when they trigger sensitive hairs inside the traps. Venus fly traps work on flies, and also on ants, beetles and spiders.

Another way to get flies is to use flypaper. Flypaper is a strip of paper coated in a sticky substance, usually accompanied by a smell that attracts flies. Flies get stuck on the paper and can’t get off. You can make a version yourself by coating a strip of cardboard with a mixture of maple syrup and honey. Before coating it, punch a hole at one end and run string through it to hang it up.

Electric flyswatter
Then, there’s the nuclear option. When you’ve got that one pesky fly that won’t fall for the traps, you need to break out the electric fly swatter. Let’s face it, most people don’t have time to wait for the fly to land, only for it to fly away right before you swat at it. An electric flyswatter takes that out of the equation. It looks like a tennis racket with an electrified grill rather than a net. Pressing a button electrifies the grill and just a touch to the fly, flying or grounded, will drop it to the ground. Just be careful not to hit anything metal.

Flies can be a real damper on warm-weather celebrations, but don’t let the pests get you down. With these traps, and maybe a zap of electricity here or there, flies will be no match for you. If the flies are bothering you outside, use one of these 10 foods to keep bugs away.