These 10 American Cities Love Halloween the Most


These 10 American Cities Love Halloween The Most

These 10 American Cities Love Halloween The Most

Some cities put in the most effort for Halloween
These 10 American Cities Love Halloween the Most


Halloween is right around the corner. It takes a lot of effort to create the perfect Halloween night, from the spookiest decorations to the sinfully tasteful candy. Each city celebrates this fall holiday differently but some show their spooky spirit and enthusiasm more than others.  What cities love Halloween the most (and spend accordingly)?

Reps from Turbo told us they collected data in September from Yelp, Eventbrite and Candystore to reveal which cities value the Halloween celebration the most. The information was based on the amount spent on candy as well as the number of costume shops, party supply stores, haunted houses and events in each city. The company sampled data from a list of the 200 most populous cities in the U.S. (excluding any cities in the same metropolitan area), factoring in each city’s population to determine the city’s spending. Here are the 10 American cities that love Halloween the most. 

#10 West Valley City, Utah


This may be the smallest city on this list with a population of about 136,000 people, but that doesn’t stop West Valley City’s residents from showing their love for Halloween. There are 35 party supply stores and 60 Halloween events in this city, and the residents buy 20,767 pounds of Halloween candy each year. Their preferred choice of candy is Jolly Ranchers.

#9 Yonkers, New York


The residents of Yonkers can take advantage of their proximity to New York City for Halloween celebrations. But thanks to 92 nearby party supply stores, the city is able to put on its Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze, where residents light up more than 7,000 carved pumpkins.

#8 Orlando, Florida

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party/Yelp

Orlando doesn’t have as many Halloween-related things to do as other cities on the list, but the activities they do have are some of the best. Universal Studios, Legoland, Seaworld and Walt Disney World all get major Halloween transformations. In addition to being crazy for theme park celebrations, Orlando eats a ton of candy. More specifically, 107,550 pounds of Snickers, Skittles Reese’s Cups and more are purchased annually. So don’t be the person to hand out the wrong treats to trick-or-treaters.

#7 Jersey City, New Jersey


Halloween is practically a month-long party in Jersey City, where residents can celebrate the holiday at one (or more) of the 980 Halloween events. About 20% of people in Jersey City are under the age of 18, so there are plenty of kids around to gobble up the $58,000 of candy residents purchase each year.

#6 Miramar, Florida


Miramar may be lacking in the haunted house department with only five in the area, but this city knocks out the competition with its number of party supply stores. Mirama, which sits north of Miami, is home to 267 nearby party supply stores despite a population of about 140,000 people. It’s cobwebs and tombstones galore in this city.

#5 Palmdale, California


Don’t be fooled by this cheerful town during the day. Palmdale, California, boasts 46 nearby haunted houses that will surely give you a good scare on Halloween. 

#4 Scottsdale, Arizona


They may not be the most popular Halloween candy in the state, but Snickers are beloved in Scottsdale. Residents earned their place on this list by spending $467,771 on treats, more than any other city. That includes an estimated 35,092 pounds of Snickers each Halloween.

#3 Hayward, California

Sherri R. Camp/Shutterstock

If watching horror films and eating candy on your couch isn’t your thing, then Hayward is the place to be. This city sitting on the San Francisco Bay makes the list for its official haunted houses planned each year. The city has 22 nearby Halloween attractions and one place that may actually be haunted, the Hayward Plunge.

#2 Grand Prairie, Texas


The residents of Grand Prairie won’t have to trek far to spook up their house. There are 200 nearby party supply stores for the city of 194,600 people. Inhabitants of the Dallas suburb can recreate their own creepy Palace of Wax right on their front lawn.

#1 Anaheim, California

Nicole Winett R./Yelp

The home of Disneyland tops the list with the highest number of costume shops per capita. This city has 168 costume shops and is the perfect place for anyone ready to spend their entire budget on extravagant costumes. Anaheim definitely doesn’t shy away from an over-the-top Halloween celebration — its Halloween parade is one of the largest in the country. If you’re as into Halloween as much as residents of these cities, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most popular Halloween costume in your state.

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