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This Is the One Act of Kindness You Can Do From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There’s no price tag on being a kind person

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime.com

During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses such as hair salons, restaurants, gyms and theaters have closed. And as the economy continues to take a hit, the biggest fallout is for small businesses. If you’re spending more time at home and wondering what you can do to help out, one act of kindness you should consider is supporting local businesses.

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Many restaurants have put a stop to serving guests in-house and now offer to-go and delivery services only. To further encourage people to stay home and practice social distancing, chains and services have started offering free delivery as well. And while you might have some food concerns about coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have any reason to believe the virus can be transmitted through food, and most delivery services offer a contact-free option.

If you do choose to order takeout to support a local business, it’s recommended to tip generously. And while we understand that tipping standards vary by profession, here’s a complete guide on how to tip delivery drivers and more.


But if you’d rather stay home and whip up some recipes that require canned goods, or if you’re attempting to use up all of the staples in your pantry, you can still support local businesses without ordering takeout. Instead, opt for an e-gift card, which will allow you to buy what you want online or in-store at any time. In addition to supporting local businesses, there are so many other easy acts of kindness you can do from inside your home during the coronavirus pandemic.