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CDC Coronavirus Guidelines for 2020 Summer Camps

How some camps can open safely this summer


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As social distancing restrictions in some states begin to ease, restaurants, gyms and more have begun to reopen with new safety regulations in place. But that means very little to kids who have already had their school year interrupted by the coronavirus. What they and their parents want to know is what will happen with camps this summer?

Offices Reopen During Coronavirus Pandemic: What To Expect Inside

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a set of guidelines for youth programs and camps hoping to reopen in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. First, these programs should consider whether reopening will comply with state and local guidelines. Camp owners should also evaluate whether they’re prepared to keep children and employees safe, and if they’re able to screen people entering the camp.

After considering those few things, camp owners and youth program coordinators should be able to answer “yes” to all of the CDC’s other health and safety recommendations. According to the CDC, summer camps should be prepared to promote healthy hygiene practices, intensify cleaning and disinfection procedures, encourage social distancing and more.

Like the new protocols for gyms reopening, ongoing monitoring should also be in place for youth programs and camps, according to the CDC. Procedures should be in place to check children and employees for COVID-19 symptoms as well as run temperature checks and encourage anyone who is sick to stay home.


If you still feel nervous to send your kids to summer camp this year, there are many virtual summer camps available for your kids to join online.