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Career Change Resume Tips for Finding a New Job

Showcase your skills properly

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When life came to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, many saw their everyday lives do a complete 180. Time spent indoors gave many time to find fun new skills and to learn more about their wants and passions. If coronavirus has given you a new outlook on life and you’re looking to change careers, spinning your resume can help you land your dream job. 

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If your new career goals don’t align with the work you’ve done in the past, a revised resume that highlights your transferable skills can help you get the work you want. Read the description of the new role and highlight the skills the employer has required. Print out your resume and make a list of skills you learned at previous companies. Many of these skills you learned in your past jobs can be applied to positions or fields you’re unfamiliar with. 

Soft skills — which include personality traits, people skills, social skills and communication skills — are required no matter the title you hold. Hard skills, or technical knowledge, can be used to uniquely separate you from other applicants and help a position or a company grow in a new direction. By comparing the skills needed with the skills you have, you can find a way to creatively connect the two within your resume.

Use the resume objective and skill sections to explain how although you may come from a different background, you’re still perfect for the job. Your resume objective — which should appear at the top of your resume — or your cover letter should connect the dots for a hiring manager and explain how your previous experience links directly to your new career wants. 

Keep it concise, but make your point clear. The skills section should have a list of both soft and hard skills intermingled with keywords from the job description. Avoid resume red flags, keep your resume under two pages and add a volunteering section if it connects to the job. 


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