The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets

The Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Declutter your cookware
The best way to organize your kitchen cabinets

Organizing your kitchen cabinets can be the difference between a kitchen that you love and a kitchen that you hate. Who wants to sift through piles of dishes and containers just to get to the grilling tool you really need? Taking the time to organize those cabinets can give you your kitchen back and make your cooking more efficient.

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Unfortunately, to effectively organize, you’ll have to take everything out of your cabinets. This allows you to start with a blank canvas and also go through your kitchenware and determine what you need and what doesn’t have any use. Sometimes clutter is simply caused by having more than you need.

While your cabinets are empty, take the time to clean them and, if you want, put liners down. Even though cabinets aren’t the dirtiest places in your kitchen, cleaning them prevents pests, removes dust and gives your cabinets a fresh scent. Liners can keep dishes from scratching cabinet shelves and prevent them from slipping or sliding.

Now that you’ve got your kitchenware pared down and your cabinets prepped, you can start to decide where you want to put everything. Ultimately, where you put your dishes is going to depend on your preferences and the layout of your kitchen, but there are a few philosophies that can guide you.

You can organize your dishes based on frequency of use and where you use them. For instance, keep your pots and pans close to your stove and keep the most frequently used ones most accessible. Keep your daily coffee mugs on a lower shelf within easy reach and your fancy wine glasses on a higher shelf out of the way. Following a general guide like this will ensure that the things you use the most are the easiest to get to from where you use them.

You can also look into tools that make your cabinets more accessible. Think about installing cabinet shelves, which can give you additional room to stack casserole dishes and other flat containers. A drawer organizer can take a mess of silverware and separate it by forks, knives, spoons and more. Baskets can also help in sorting loose or odd-shaped objects. A set of airtight containers for loose materials like sugar or flour can get rid of a mess of bags and make dispensing ingredients easier too.


Once you have replaced everything in your cabinets, don’t be afraid to experiment! Nothing is set in stone. Move things around based on your usage and preferences. And when you find that extra space, here are 25 essential kitchen tools you can fill it with.