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Petunias Are the Best-Selling Garden Flower in America

Who doesn't love flowers?

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Instead of traveling to the best botanical gardens in America to see some of the prettiest seasonal flowers, you can just pot them in their own backyards. And whether you've been gardening for years, or just picked up the hobby, a recent study shows one garden flower is the favorite of Americans.

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The best-selling garden flower in America is petunias, according to Breck's, an online flower shop.

In order to determine that this easy to plant flower is the best-selling, Breck's looked at search volume data on Google trends from March through May 2019 and throughout the past year. They also used the United States Department of Agriculture's Census of Horticultural Specialties to determine the nation's best-selling flowers and which states sold the most of each.

According to the USDA’s census, petunias are the best-selling garden flower in America, with annual sales exceeding $262 million. Nationwide, residents of Ohio buy the most petunias, making up more than $16 million of total sales. Following petunias are Geraniums, pansies and begonias which are are most sold in North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.


But U.S. natives aren't just interested in gardening, they also want potted plants. And the top-selling potted flowering plant in the the country is orchids, with annual sales hitting a whopping $86.3 million. And if you're one of the people investing in orchids, petunias and more, make sure you have a top-notch garden scene to go along with them. To help, we've compiled a list of the best household items you can upcycle for your garden.