Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Make

You don’t want to be *that* guy this holiday
Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Make


Overstaying your welcome is not welcome on Thanksgiving.

Most people aren’t used to going to a lot of dinner parties these days. The idea of dressing up and going to a loved one’s home for a meal is a vintage one, right up there with poodle skirts and sock hops. But there is one day a year where you have to dust off your social skills and be a gracious guest: Thanksgiving.

15 Common Mistakes Thanksgiving Guests Make

If you’re not used to being in pleasant company or you’re going to enter a situation that’s mildly uncomfortable, you need to know how to behave yourself this holiday season. There are a lot of secrets to being the best party guest ever, and most of them just amount to basic human decency. That means you should arrive on time with a small gift and with no unexpected guests. But it also means that you should know when to help, when to step back and how to stay in your lane. It sounds hard, but it’s really quite easy.

But no matter if you’re going to a family member’s home or a friend’s house this Thanksgiving, be sure that you are kind and don’t make these common Thanksgiving guest mistakes.