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This Free App Can Help Kids Handle Coronavirus Stress

Breathe and relax with your child while using this app

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There are plenty of ways to deal with everyday stress, but in the midst of a pandemic when furloughs and layoffs are a part of the everyday news, managing anxiety and stress can seem more difficult than ever before. And adults aren’t the only ones dealing with a new world.

Fun New Skills You Can Learn At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

Kids are also faced with graduations being canceled, important milestone events having to be reimagined and adapting to remote education. Staying active is one recommended way to help kids manage anxiety, and with this free app, you and your children can control stressors together.

Doing yoga has long been touted as a way to stimulate the mind while rejuvenating the body. And according to the Mayo Clinic, the core components of yoga — like breathing, poses and meditation — can reduce stress and help alleviate chronic conditions like pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. The Adventures of Super Stretch is a free app that not only teaches your child the joys of yoga, but also shows them how to combat stress and clear their minds.

The Adventures of Super Stretch is great for all skill levels and ages. In the app, up to 12 poses are demonstrated with the help of Super Stretch and his friends. Inspiring music plays with each pose, and breathing breaks are included to teach your children mindful breathing. Although advertised for children, the entire family can get involved and turn a moment of relaxation into a family activity.


The Adventures of Super Stretch isn’t the only free educational app to help reignite your child’s learning experiences. Here are the best free learning apps for your child during coronavirus quarantine.