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The Best Coding App for Kids

Future coders unite

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Chances are school has changed a lot since you were a student. School lunches are healthier, dodgeball isn’t the most popular game in gym class anymore and, most importantly, STEM — or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math — lessons have become a high priority to better prepare children for the ways of the future. This includes the field of computer science. In fact, computer programming is even one of the highest-paying jobs in America.

The Best Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

If you want to expose your child to the joys of STEM fields inside as well as outside of the classroom to best prepare them for the world ahead, there are plenty of cool coding apps available. However, Lightbot: Code Hour, a free coding app available for both Apple and Google devices, is one of the best coding apps for your child for at-home learning.

In the Lightbot: Code Hour app, users, with the assistance of Lightbot the robot, solve puzzles using programming skills. The app offers 20 levels, each attainable as your skillset grows. Children who’ve never played with a coding application before will learn loops, conditionals and technical skills. The interface of the app is so simple to use that coding will easily turn into an everyday hobby for your inquisitive child.


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