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Trick-or-Treating Alternatives for Halloween 2020

Your little ones may even find this alternative to be more fun


Juanmonino/E+ via Getty Images 

It’s been about seven months since the coronavirus pandemic hit America, and it’s likely you’ve done every fun indoor activity you can think of with your children at this point. That may leave you stumped on how to make their Halloween special, especially while traditional trick-or-treating is considered a high-risk activity by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Luckily, there’s a safer alternative: themed scavenger hunts.

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The CDC released a guideline for how to navigate Halloween based on low- to high-risk activities. According to the agency's recommendations, a socially distanced scavenger hunt is a great way to stay safe this year while also bringing the fun — and candy — straight to your backyard.

Instead of dressing up and going door to door for candy, make a checklist of things for your child to find around your yard. Have them hunt for spooky-themed goodies like their favorite candies, carved pumpkins, skeletons, fake cobwebs and more.

You can even have treasure at the end of the scavenger hunt, like a new costume that your little one can rock for the rest of the holiday. If you don’t feel safe letting them roam the yard or neighborhood, the CDC also recommends having an indoor scavenger hunt with the members of your household.


Whether you choose to stay home and watch your favorite Halloween movies, or venture out to the best pumpkin patch in your state, every holiday activity has its own level of risk. Be sure to check out our list of every Halloween activity ranked by risk level, according to the CDC.