Makes You Happier from Hiking Health Benefits

Hiking Health Benefits

Makes You Happier

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Studies have shown that hiking can be used as additional therapy for those who suffer from severe depression. Helping to increase self-esteem and self-perception hiking can make life happier overall.

Inspires Creativity

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Hiking is proven to make you more creative. Studies show that up to a 50% increase in problem solving and creativity after a hike. 

Decreases Chances of Illness and Disease

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Hiking is proven to decrease and treat high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Some studies suggest that long distance hiking improves your antioxidative capacity which helps fight off disease. 

Helps You Live Longer

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Being physically active can increase your lifespan. Studies show that regularly active people are likely to live several years longer than inactive people.

Renewed Independence

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"Hiking renews your sense of independence and control," adds Jenifer Joy Madden. "While you are hiking you are constantly making decisions and following your curiosity. Those vital skills are often left untapped at work when we are always following orders and stepping to the rhythm of other peoples' drums."

Gets You Unplugged

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There are multiple health benefits from ditching the technology every once in a while. Taking a break from the tech toys can benefit stress recovery, better mental health, and help with sleeping problems.

Reconnect With Nature

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Reconnecting with nature can do wonders on your mental health. "As human animals, we are truly different from the machines we so often use," Madden explains. "We are of nature, so being with nature helps us to feel whole. It also revives our senses, which are what give us our strength and set us apart from digital devices."

Better Posture

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Hiking gets you upright and on your two feet. Continuing bipedal locomotion will better your posture, strengthen your spine and joints, and therefore remove stress on your body and mind. 

Fresh Air


Getting out into nature will remove you from the environmental toxins and pollution that exists in the more urbanized world. Also, light and being outdoors tends to make people happier. 

Weight Loss


Hiking keeps you very fit. Just the physical activity of hiking on an incline for extended periods can burn some major calories. But, a recent study found that Americans who live at sea-level are four to five times more likely to be obese in comparison to those who live in high altitude communities.