The World's Best Urban Hiking Cities

Take your walking shoes out of the closet; it’s time to go hiking


Urban hiking doesn’t mean going to the park that is closest to your house and sitting on a bench enjoying the nice weather and breathing fresh air; it is an adventure that takes you along a trail covering a lot of terrain, along which you get to see a lot of nature’s beauty.[slideshow:102390]

The routes will most likely take you all across the city you’re in as well as just outside of it so you can explore parks, meadows, mountains and the striking scenery all of them offer. Be prepared to start your walk at a lower elevation slowly progressing to a more strenuous hike.

Hiking in an urban environment is an up and coming exhilarating way to discover a city. Many local governments have acknowledged the trend and have started mapping out urban trails. Forget about buses or cars; don’t risk sitting in traffic for hours and take full control of your time.

You don’t have to go alone. It’ll be easy to find a partner for this local quest. Many meet-up groups online offer urban hikes as active social events. Some museums have started guided walking tours.

Those of you who are want to stay physically active and in shape without having to pay for gym membership or run in the same park again and again can take advantage or urban hiking. It is a fun way to get exercise. It will turn out to be the most rewarding cardio you’ve ever done.

Click here for 15 of the best urban hiking cities in the world

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