Ski Towns Where the Fall Foliage Is Almost Better Than the Snow

The country’s best ski towns shouldn’t be known just for their slopes and winter fun


The air is cleaner and crisper, and the colors are brighter. If you are looking for some kind of a muse, visiting a park or a forest boasting awe-inspiring fall foliage is a must-do. The full color spectrum – from the burning red and orange to the bright yellow and green carpet of trees covering mountains – is only visible in the fall.

Adventurers and fans of outdoor activities can’t wait to put their hiking boots on and set up a tent for an unforgettable camping experience among purple dogwoods and maroon leaves. Dodge the crowds, avoid the high prices in the winter, and hit the picturesque trails. This is also the season for exceptional art festivals.

It’s not too late to appreciate the final burst of color before winter comes. Ride a ski lift or gondola up a mountain to get the most out of your view and  a new perspective on an old activity. Others may prefer to buckle up and take a relaxing drive along scenic roads surrounded by landscapes bursting with vibrant, contrasting colors outlining lakes, mountain hills, and valleys.

Satisfy your wanderlust whether you choose to go fishing, cycling through cities, hiking, or even spend a romantic week being inspired by stunning fall foliage displays. The ethereal views will recharge you for weeks ahead. Different hues have a way of changing emotions.

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