15 of the World’s Easiest Winter Hikes

You don't have to wait until spring to enjoy hiking

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A winter adventure doesn’t have to involve difficult dangerous ice climbs, swimming in icy waters, surfing or even skiing in the Rocky Mountains. You can add an easy hike to the list of fun activities you can enjoy. Snowed trails, icicles and colder temperatures don’t necessarily translate into challenging conditions to explore a mountain or a national park.  

A laid-back trek doesn’t have to be short either. Some take a week but are barely a workout; they are just long. Look at it this way – you are going to enjoy stunningly beautiful and inspiring views for more than just a few hours. Remember what they say about life and the moment that take your breath away?[slideshow:82197]

Slush-covered city streets and extra clothing are not good reasons to wait for the spring or summer to go hiking. Some trails offer even more beautiful sights in the winter because the snow adds contrast and serenity and removes all the crowds. Imagine a desert dusted in powder snow, a waterfall frozen in blue ice or a horizon of snow ahead of with no tracks.

Some winter hikes are technically easy but you can make them very problematic and demanding if you don’t keep a few things in mind. Dress appropriate – in layers. Every trek involves going up and down and temperatures can vary greatly at each altitude. Be prepared to adjust and regulate your body temperature. Wear long underwear, thick socks, insulated jacket, and carry a waterproof one in your bag just in case. Bring safety gear like a trail map, first aid kit, a compass, warming packets, and a pocket knife. Imagine what you’ll need if you had to spend the night in the mountain because of an emergency and bring it.

As always, bring plenty of water bottles with you. You must stay hydrated. If you don’t like water that much – it’s difficult to remember to drink when you’re surrounded by snow – bring tea or another hot beverage in a thermos.

Make a winter hike your new adventure hobby this year. Who know, you may like it so much, you actually won’t want for spring to come soon.

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