Here's How You Can Virtually Climb El Capitan

Follow climbers Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill and Tommy Caldwell on their route up the Nose of El Capitan

Rock climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and just about everyone else in America (including the president) celebrated the news when free-climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson successfully scaled the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. The incredible feat wasn’t just a major victory in the rock climbing community; it was a major celebration of human ability and perseverance that resonated with people around the world.

The successful climb of what has been called the toughest route in the world was an unbelievable feat, leaving people everywhere curious about El Capitan and how it could possibly be climbed. Thanks to Google Maps, you can now experience El Capitan along with climbers Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, and Tommy Caldwell. The climbers, along with a team, were able to capture the first ever vertical street view, making history and making jaws drop.

“We’re bringing this environment that is accessible to so few to a ton of people and people who could never have been up there in the past get to see that world through my eyes,” Tommy Caldwell said.

Climber Lynn Hill said that these panoramic images are the first footage she’s ever seen that makes you feel like you’re there and that’s exactly the magic of it. Take a look at the video below for some behind-the-scenes info on how they got the footage and take a look at Google Maps to make the virtual climb yourself.

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