15 Awe-Inspiring Mountains You Can Actually Climb

Few geological landscapes are as vivid and spectacular as mountains. Some summits are even easy to reach


Legendary mountains continue to lure adventurers. In some cases, the more difficult the climb is the better. But astonishing mountains can also be easy to conquer.

The routes to the top of a summit range from length and difficulty, to geology and surrounding scenery. Some people prefer rugged unpaved terrain, while others opt for a marked route to avoid surprises.[slideshow:90007]

Few geological landscapes are as vivid, awe-inspiring and spectacular as mountains. Their peaks soar high above towns, villages, valleys and rivers – all of which only add to their beauty.

Reach for the hills and immerse yourself in off the beaten path’s serenity. Mountaineering does not have to be hard. But some preparation and careful mountain selection can bring even some of the world's highest peaks within reach of a fairly average Joe.

You may think that the highest volcano in Asia and the highest summit in the Middle East are difficult to climb. The truth is that they are long, but not too challenging or dangerous at all.

Many people are scared by Africa’s highest mountain at 19,340 feet, but they shouldn’t be. The climb is long but not strenuous. There is even a marathon there every year.

These are not the only surprising examples.

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